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Summer in the countryside

A series of images taken from 2009 to today. Images that have been part of my life, even if all this is slowly disappearing, fortunately through these photos I can still smell that simplicity. Una serie d’immagini scattate dal 2009 a oggi. Immagini che hanno fatto parte della mia vita, anche se tutto questo sta lentamente scomparendo, fortunatamente attraverso queste foto posso ancora […]


The lost ring

My mother in law and her thoughts, after finding a ring that she thought she lost years ago. This was not just a turquoise ring for her, I think it was much more, I could read it in her eyes, she was surprised to see that ring again. Who knows what story that turquoise stone hides, I didn’t have the […]


Old memories

There was a time when postcards were written, wildflowers were collected and preserved among the most precious memories, in a box or among the pages of a good book. Over time, those flowers became more and more fragile and no doubt only the scent would remain. The postcards remained intact, perhaps for those who in the future like me, will […]



A puzzle of memories that desperately try to resurface, to bring back the beauty of a face, perhaps loved. Un puzzle di ricordi che cercano disperatamente di riaffiorare, per riportare alla luce la bellezza di un volto, forse amato. © Margherita Vitagliano 2019



Old photographs have always fascinated me, but what seduced me most was listening to the protagonists of the photos that told me the memories of that moment. That small piece of paper was capable of reviving dormant memories, hidden in some corner of the mind but never forgotten. In this way my journey towards photography has began, listening to the […]



© Margherita Vitagliano 2013 Emilia has spent many years of her life in psychiatric hospitals, I believe that her eyes can speak about her, for her. Emlia ha trascorso molti anni della sua vita in ospedali pschiatrici, credo che i suoi occhi possano parlare di lei, per lei.



© Margherita Vitagliano 2009 A tiring dance, barefoot in the sunburn soil. Happy May 1st to all workers. Una danza faticosa, a piedi nudi nella terra arsa dal sole. Buon primo Maggio a tutti i lavoratori. .


Frozen Frames

© Margherita Vitagliano 2012 Frozen frames, in our memory, indelible memories of our past, evocative and powerful outbursts of poignant sweetness and tenderness, only in the past the beauty that we unfold opening one hand while trying to grab, so do not fade and vanish forever … Fotogrammi congelati, nella nostra memoria, ricordi indelebili del nostro passato, evocativi di impeti […]


Backlit souls

© Margherita Vitagliano 2020 On a sunny day, looking at my postcards of the early twentieth century, I discovered  that I could have a completely different view of them backlight, the words superimposed on an image: backlit souls like us now. In una giornata di sole, guardando le mie postcards di inizio novecento ho soperto che in controluce potevo avere un […]



© Margherita Vitagliano 2008 This is a photo that I care a lot about. I’m showing this to you in the hope of being soon able to come back to caress the people that we love. Questa è una foto a cui tengo molto. La mostro nella speranza di poter ritornare presto ad accarezzare le persone che amiamo.